Européenne de Cirque 2017 at the Grainerie -  presentation of our production Perceptions eand its scale model

 For 3 years, the Cie Bivouac accompaned 4 young emerging artists from the Basque country. A chance for artists to grow across borders. The opportunity also to feed our approach with innovative looks and conduct research on our next creation "Perceptions".

"De Mar to Mar - Pyrénées de cirque is a cross-border project between France and Spain that aims to improve the orientation, training of circus artists, and in particular emerging artists, by creating solidarity links with the whole profession. "


Barbara Govan et Shakti Olaizola, 2 of the emerging artistes taking part in De mar a mar  - 3 weeks at the ECB in September 2017


It is within this framework, as a consolidated company, that we have been selected to participate in the territorial partnership coordinated by the partners of De mar a mar (Interreg Program POCTEFA 2014-2020 FEDER).

Since July 2017 and for 3 years, the Cie Bivouac followed 4 artists from the Spanish Basque scene.

4 artists we accompaned on all aspects of the professionalization of their passion:
- direction on their production
- technical and artistic training
- mediation training
- production management - financing, sales, manufacturing, communication
- administration

3 years of exchanges and meetings to help them develop their own project and put their experience to the test of the reality of the challenges of the circus world.

3 years of mutual enrichment. 


Maureen Brown, scenographer at Hameka building the scale model of the production Perceptions