Pass on our passion, participate in the development of artistic research, cultivate the circus of tomorrow. Since 2011, this is the meaning we have given to our commitment to the training offered by the Circus School of Bordeaux.


An embodied commitment which translates into an active participation of the company in the artistic project of the school of the amateur curriculum at the vocational training center, from hearing the candidates to their preparation for competitions in higher circus schools.


 Offer a unique artistic vision combining art and science in experimental spaces.

Research laboratories (exploration of modules), technical education (Chinese mast course), an artistic culture (circus history course), a scientific culture (meeting with researchers).


Like our creations, it is an open and multifaceted vision of the circus discipline and the practice of the living arts that we wish to transmit.


To be the directors of the artistic identities of future actors in the creative circus, without forgetting to confront them with the reality of the professional circus:


We stage them at meetings dedicated to the emerging scene: The stages open at the ECB, seasonal openings, Circles of Circa (Auch), the Echappées Belles de Blanquefort, the fairground in St André de Cubzac ...

We train them in broadcasting and put them in contact with experienced artists and directors;

Finally, we sometimes integrate them into our company, both in the distribution of our creations and in our mediation missions.


In the end, we strive not only to provide emerging artists with a framework for their creativity to flourish, but above all we give them the keys to get out of it. Questioning oneself. Put yourself to the test. Get rich.