A CORPS PERUDS (Outdoors and high ceiling venues - 11m)




As the Raft of the Medusa, our vessel resembles a devastated giant undulating outdoors. It seems to be drifting in the middle of powerless and attentive castaways - the audience in 306° - standing still in limbo. Is it going to sink ? Witnessing the difficult maneuvers of the crew to handle the ship whose functionality and coherence is out of reach, subjected to violent storms, lifesaving gestures turn out to be creative impulses, rebellion acts and a self transcendence raw energy that forces the castaways not to give up hope. Together they search for the horizon…


The image of a sinking boat that needs to regain control is an allegory of our society and of a world overwhelmed by its mechanism. At a crossroad of cultural change, subjected to raging climate dislocation, it seems completely threatened. The ship’s crew strives to set a direction and define a possible future throughout images and a precise choreographed narration.


The goal of this allegory is to urge the audience to imagine a better future and to take action.

Such questioning and thoughts are linked to technical novelties of the set enabling visual and esthetic innovations.



Chinese pole, acrobatics, trampoline, choreography, acting, music.




Different forms of the Chinese pole will be presented and used: vertical, oblique, static or moving, pendular, one, two, three, four poles, spread out or close, leaning or straight... The multiple combinations create a link with the crew’s permanent search for a way out of this shipwreck. All the different technical possibilities and movements enable a technical and semantic research.


The stage turning devise fosters and is conducive to dancing and acting researches. Graphic images appear as the masts get tangled and untangled.


The audience will witness the live modifications of a huge sculpture in which the characters are constantly adjusting their viewpoint.


The 6 meters high trampoline and the net will enable new acrobatic and dance movements and give a new view point to the audience (low angle view and see through).


The idea of using a trampoline comes from the idea that hope is a mental projection and that we can strive to reach it physically too. It is placed high up to symbolize its spiritual, inaccessible and intangible nature.


Direction / Maryka Hassi
Direction Assistant / Benjamin Lissardy
Scenography / Maureen Brown
Music / Erwan Le Guen
Chinese pole  and trampoline /
Benjamin Lissardy, Gaëtan Dubriont, Nhat Nam Lê, Maureen Brown
Acrobatics / Charlie Marey
Trampoline / Dani Torralbo Perez
Lighting design / Patrick Cathala
Stage manager / Raphael Quillart



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