Adaptation, direction: Maryka Hassi

Script, scenography: Maureen Brown



An opera singer sings a nursery rhyme to open le rêve d’Erica.

A bird dances and announces upcoming events, leading Erica to an imaginary world where she is invited to explore his heart.

The innocente girl confronts different characters: provocative and disturbing monsters, a devilish Shoemaker, an idyllic but hypothetical lover and her fearful double. These strange appearances are pretexts to create situations pushing Erica to explore her body and emotions. Throughout her journey, her explosive feelings are symbolised by red objects dominating her dangerously, until she finally learns to control them.

This enlightening journey is also a metaphor for her passage into adulthood: the heroine pursues her quest for happiness. The dream is both a preparation for reality and an invitation to live our passions and instinctive feelings.

The story is inspired by the film The Red Shoes by Michael Powell, who himself was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.



With Le rêve d’Erica, we explore the hopes and dreams of a young girl, from strange magic and dark desires to strong passionate and devastating feelings.

Just like Alice in wonderland, we create magical characters that lead us to explore a range of bodily expressions and express a variety of emotions. Erica investigates with us her unusual desires in an extraordinary world. From this experience, she will grow up and be freed from her fears.

The music, scenography, costumes and lighting emphasize the dreamlike and poetic nature of the show. The flying rope, the Chinese pole, balancing and horse acrobatics are classic circus moves used to tell the story.



musician: Erwan Leguen

lyric singer: Pauline Larivière

Erica: Adele Borde

Icare: Maureen Brown

Cifer: Cristobal Pereira Ber

Shoemaker: Benjamin Lissardy





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