Stand up means shout !



After a choreographed proposition using a huge structure meant for outdoors events that came out in 2015 in CIRCa, A Corps Perdus Opus 2  is a more intimate piece made of visions, metamorphosis and transitory stories. It came out in March 2017 in Spain at the San Sebastian dFERIA and in France at the Carré-Colonnes (33).




Explosive, loud, colorful, baffling... Our latest production talks about the discovery of the characters' different aspects of personnality as well as their surrounding. The scenography reveals itself modestly bit by bit, surprise after surprise. Sometimes isolating, sometimes  showing it full capabilities in a fragmented way.


Fun stories, crazy and dangerous tales... firously alive !




 Unconventional chinese masts, acrobatics, dancing, theater, musique, voice and singing.



Space and light in permanent evolution reveal the characters' doudts, beauty and rage.

Listening to a voice, their bodies in alert question and seek themselves and collide. They resemble us. Fragile, cruel and charming… they look for a meaning of it all.


Between silence and chaos, funny or amputated stories. In transit on this earth. Linked by time and a space to share. Between violence and love. "In body and soul."



Different forms of the Chinese pole will be presented and used: vertical, oblique, static or moving, pendular, one, two, three, four poles, spread out or close, leaning or straight... The multiple combinations create a link with the permanent search for an equilibrium.

All the different technical possibilities and movements enable a technical and semantic research.

The stage turning devise fosters and is conducive to dancing and acting researches. Graphic images appear as the masts get tangled and untangled. The set is in perpetual  deployment.




Authors / Maureen Brown, Maryka Hassi, Benjamin Lissardy

Direction / Maryka Hassi
Direction Assistant / Benjamin Lissardy
Scenography / Maureen Brown
Music / Erwan Le Guen

Singing, voice / Maryka Hassi
Chinese pole / Benjamin Lissardy, Gaëtan Dubriont, Nhat Nam Lê, Maureen Brown
Acrobatics / Charlie Marey
Lighting design / Patrick Cathala

Costums / Vincent Dupeyron

Choreographed outside eye / Judith Argomaniz, Cie Lasala
Stage manager / Raphael Quillart


photographer / Laurent Girardeau, Tristan Martineau





November : residency CIRCa - Pôle National des Arts du cirque



January : residency Carré-Les Colonnes scène conventionnée St Médard-en-Jalles

February : residency Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain, Bayonne

March : residency Teatro Victoria Eugenia de San Sebastian, Espagne


Premiere the 6th March at the Dferia, San Sebastian




+33 (0)6 98 11 84 19


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