A White set. Three mysterious characters are preparing their arrival and birth onto this world. They wake up, meet each other and come to life. Each of them acquires specific attributes : a voice, a costume and a role.

Their hope for a joyful and poetic life gradually vanishes away ...

An implicit countdown is present all along the storyline. Suspended above emptiness and exposed to danger, the characters progress along wounded by the violence of an upcoming end. Fear reveals the fragility of their life. Desperate attempts for freedom become somehow crucial. Tragedy and comedy coexist as well as, nightmares and dreams, the sacred and the profane, pathetic and burlesque moments. From pain and sadness gradually rises the desire of living and hope grows. The imagination runs freely to the wold of possibilities, to the world of freedom.

This is the end. All characters take a bow, and go back to where they belong: somewhere in your dreams ...

No words during this show. Body language at its best.

It is a transfiguration of reality, a succession of funny and disproportional events, a sequence of pictures that make an echo to our lives.

The scenography is inspired by the Panopticon of Bentham, an utopist English philosopher of the 18th century. He proposed a prisonl architecture based on exemplarity and theater principles.



Tilux: Clément Demoen

Boustifaille: Benjamin Lissardy

Lili: Maureen Brown

Script and scenography: Maureen Brown

Adaptation, direction and stage management: Maryka Hassi

Musical composition and interpretation: Julien Esteves

Costumes: Delphine Dupin and Oriane Hamel

Set manifacturing: Serge Calvier (Nil Admirari) and Maureen Brown



DDJS of Hauts-de-Seine: Envie d’Agir award (2007)

Town of Chaville: financial support (2007)

Town of Paris: Paris Jeunes Talents (2008)

The Noctambules in Les Arènes de Nanterre

Nil Admirari: financial and technical support

Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine

Conseil Général des Pyrénés Atlantiques

Le SIVOM salle Harri Xuri

Graphic design and printing: Leroy Imprimeur in Chaville

Thanks to Arnaud Baroche and to Michel Nowak.